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VOCAB DOSE -Words related to being many in number

The best thing about life is that it allows to form as many combinations as you wish. You can combine a dozen of something or collect a flock or literally call upon a multitude, if you wish. What are we talking about? We are talking about a group of words that represent ‘numbers’, or to be precise, each word in this group represents some form of collection or the other. Explore the list here:
1.     Assortment: A collection of various kinds; a variety.
2.     Bunches: A group of things.
3.     Copious: Large in number or quantity; abundant; extensive in quantity.
4.     Deluge: An overwhelming number or amount.
5.     Dozens: An indefinite, large number or amount.
6.     Enormous: Very great in size, extent, number, or degree.
7.     Extensive: Great in amount, number, or degree.
8.     Flock: Very great in size, extent, number, or degree.
9.     Heaps: A large number or amount.
10.   Infinite: Too numerous to be counted.
11.   Multifarious: Having great variety; diverse.
12.   Multitude: A large indefinite number.
13.   Multiplicity: A large number or variety.
14.   Numerous: Amounting to a large number; many.
15.   Plenty: More than sufficient; ample; many.
16.   Profusion: Abundance.
17.   Oodles: A large amount; many numbers.
18.   Slew: A large amount or number; a lot.
19.   Umpteen: Innumerable but many.
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