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Obstinate (Adj):
Meaning: extremely stubborn, refusing to change one’s opinion,
Antonyms: flexible, pliant, submissive, obedient
Where to use: to describe someone having undesirable behaviour
Sentence: The teacher is obstinate to follow the prescribed guidelines of the school.
Baffle (verb):
Meaning:  1. to puzzle
                 2. to prevent or to control
Synonyms:  1. bewilder, perplex, puzzle, confuse, confound
                    2. check, hinder, obstruct, deflect, divert
Antonyms: 1. clarify, enlighten, explain
                  2. soothe, relieve, support
Sentence:  1. Anurag was baffled to see his name in the list of toppers selected for the SBI PO.
                  2.  His performance was baffled by his lack of preparation.
Glib (adj)
Meaning: Fluent but insincere and shallow
Synonyms: slick, pat, plausible, silky, smooth, insincere, facile
Antonyms: quiet, silent, inarticulate, stuttering
Sentence: My voice sounded glib while talking over this new phone.
Meaning: aggressive behaviour
Synonyms: threatening, hostile, pugnacious, truculent, contentious, militant
Antonyms: peaceful, friendly, neutral, calm
Sentence:  Korean Dictator is very belligerent in his speech against the sanctions imposed by US.
Meaning: imitation or sketch of a person in a comic manner e.g. Sketches of politicians usually seen in newspapers and magazines depicting them in a funny manner but having deep underlying meaning.
Synonym: cartoon, exaggerated drawing, distortion, burlesque, mimicry, travesty, skit
Antonym: Seriousness, flattery, praise
Sentence: Bengal Chief Minister got so angry with the caricature of her image that she filed
                 complaint against the newspaper company
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