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Words same in speaking

Let's start with Homonyms today. In daily life you might come accross some words those are said or spelled the same way as another word but has a different meaning. "Write” and “right” is a good example of a pair of homonym.Give are the example for the same.
  • Accept (to receive) and Except (excluding)
  • Ad (advertisement) and Add (short for addition)
  • Affect (to influence) and Effect (result)
  • Aid (to assist) and Aide (an assistant)
  • Air (stuff we breath) and Heir (one who will inherit)
  • Aisle (walkway) and Isle (island)
  • Allusion (an indirect reference) and Illusion (a misconception)
  • Ant (insect) and Aunt (parent's sister)
  • Bald (hairless) and Bawled (cried aloud)
  • Band (a group) and Banned (forbidden)
  • Capital (city) and Capitol (wealth and resources)
  • Climactic (great intensity) and Climatic (weather conditions)
  • Days (more than one day) and Daze (to bewilder)
  • Die (to become dead) and Dye (coloring agent)
  • Elicit (to bring out) and Illicit (unlawful)
  • Emigrate from (leave one country) and Immigrate to (enter another country)
  • Fair (even-handed) and Fare (payment)
  • Fairy (imaginary magic person) and Ferry (river-crossing boat)
  • Gilt (gold-plated) and Guilt (did wrong)
  • Gorilla (large ape) and Guerrilla (military soldier)
  • Knead (working bread dough) and Need (must have)
  • Mail (postal delivery) and Male (masculine person)
  • Principle (a basic truth) and Principal (head of a school/sum of money)
  • Scene (visual location) and Seen (past tense of saw)
  • Than (a comparison) and then (shows time)
  • There (a place) and Their (belongs to them) and They're (they are)
  • To (a preposition) and Too (an adverb) and Two (a number)
  • Your (possessive pronoun) and You're (you are)



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