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Name : Neeraj274c09f

Interview : IBPS-PO-IV

Date : 23rd Jan 2015

Venue Circle office ,Ludhiana , at 9 am As I reached there I found there were 25 students waiting for the interview in panel- II ,my turn  was on 23rd which came at 1.15 PM. These were five members in the panel comprising 4  male members and 1 female member.Now the chapter begins

Me :- May I came in sir.

Panel:- Yes come in and sit.

Me :- I wished good after noon to mam first and then good afternoon to sir.

P1 :- From where are you ?

Me :- I am from jalandhar city sir.

P1 :-  As you are working in Govt. deptt. then why are u willing to go in Banking .

Me :-  I replied that I will find good working environment and promotional opportunities (Panel Member smiled)

P2:- From where you have completed your  B.com ?

Me:- From Lyallpur khalsa college Jalandhar sir.

P2:- Tell us about banking.

Me :- Replied easily.

P3:- How banking can help in employment generation. They elaborated by putting me on B.M seat. How you can help in employment generation.

Me :- I told that by giving loans to the industries we can help in employment generation.

P4:- What is  N B F C ?

Me :- Replied

P3:- Difference Between NBFC and Banking .

Me :- I replied but they want more elaboration I could not reply.

P3:- How financial inclusion can help in employment generation if yes then how ?

Me:- I answered

(Till now female member did not ask me anything)

P2:- What are you working in P S P C L ?

Me :- I replied

Thay all wish me all the best and I thanked them all and left.

In last I can say It was overall good interview experience.


Thank You

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Name : Karan kumar

Venue : PNB Central Office, Mumbai

Date : 21st Jan 2015

Time : 1 PM Panel 1

I reached PNB Central office at 12:55 PM.Panel 1 candidates were interviewed at 4th floor and Panel 2 were interviewed seated at 6th floor. Even before I entered the interview hall, my name was called as 4th candidate just 1 minute back. I enquired with the calling officer that I am present. Then he asked me to take lunch and wait for sometime. Then I was called and 2 lady officers checked my certificates (both original and copies) and asked me to wait near Interview arena. Before myself, there were around 6 candidates waiting for interview. But I was called as 4th candidate.

Then the story began. :)

Me : May I come in?

M1 : Yes please come in.

There were 4 people in the interview panel. 1 Lady and 3 Men.

Me : Good morning mam (Always wish ladies first).Good morning sirs.

M2 : Good morning. Please take your seat.

Me: Thank you sir.

M1 : Please sit comfortably in your seat. Please relax.

Me : No sir I am comfortable (sat in the chair nicely).

M1: You look very neatly dressed.

Me : Thank you sir.

M2: So Karan kumar, Please tell about yourself and your


Me: I explained about my family, educational background and my IT job details.

M1: Did you go for coaching?

Me: Yes for 2 months in Pondicherry.

M1: Do you think you can't clear without coaching?

Me: I told PO was my first exam and I wanted to get an idea about how to equip myself.

M1: Ok. Where did you undergo coaching? How much fees?

Me: Told the details.

M3: How much salary you got last in IT?

Me: I told.

M3: You will not get even 50% of that salary in Bank job. Why did you resign? You could have brought FDI via your foreign company?

Me: I told the reasons - Job security as 1st reason and my passion and vision towards working for my country through financial inclusion activities especially.

M1: Ok good. So Karan kumar, as you have done MBA in finance, what investment you think is the best for 80C investment?

Me: I told about Life Insurance, Annuities.

M3: Don't you think mutual funds is better?

Me: I told yes it is a good option but all depends on the market situation and the fund manager.

But M3 argued that it is a good option.

Me : Ok sir I agree but the returns are very less in case of market worsening.

M3 : Ok.

M2 : Is depositing in bank for 5 years not a good option for 80C investment?

Me: I dont have an idea sir sorry.

M2: Ok no problem. As your dad worked in Indian Air Force, which places you have gone?

Me: I told all the places.

Then M1 told M2 that I know Hindi as well. M2 told oh ok good to M1.

Me: Mallom hai sir (Yes Sir I know) in Hindi.

M2 smiled.

M1 : Do you know about the persons employed by banks for financial inclusion activities for farmers in villages?

Me : I explained. (Bank correspondents or Bank Mitr)

M1: Good.

M3 : Can you tell about Make In India initiative?

Me: Explained with more focus on manufacturing sector as it contributes very less to GDP.

M3: Good. Do you know RBI governor told there are flaws in Make In India initiative?

Me: Sorry sir, I did not come across that article sir.

M3: Ok.

M1 asked Lady to see the 1st bank in the bank priority list in my application.

Me : Sir, PNB and BOB in the first two.

M1: Why did you choose these 2 banks?

Me: I did my R&D over the internet about careers aspirants banking priorities.

M1: Did you write IBPS clerk and clear it?

Me: Yes sir. I missed RBI assistant by 9 marks in OBC category.

M1: How much you secured?

Me : 141.

M1: Good.

Lady interrupted.

Lady : Are you preparing for any competitive exams?

(They fear I will move out of bank if get selected)

Me: No mam only bank exams.

M1 asked Lady if any further questions. Lady told no more questions.

M1: Ok Karan kumar. Nice talking to you and you can leave.

Thank you.

Me: Thank you sirs and mam.

Left the venue with a bright smile. I don't know why. :)

All the best for all of you. Do well.

Be confident. Have a smiling face always even if you do not know the answer.

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Hi Readers,

One of our reader named sumit has appeared for IBPS C.W.E PO Interview dated 21 jan-15 at 1.00 pm.His interview was helIBPS-PO-MT-exam-answer-key-logo1d at PNB -LUDHIANA(PUNJAB).He has shared his Interview Experience with us.

I reached venue at 12.00 pm. Document verification started at 1.00 pm and it took around 10 min for verification.My no. was 12 in the list and my interview started at 4.10. So don't loose patience you might have to wait for 4-5 hours.

I entered room wished the panel Gud Afternoon(Four persons were there in the panel all were gents)

They Offered me take sit and relax.so then they start questionIng.

M1-  Why banking after doing B.tech(ece)

Sumit:- I answered that banking is one of the growing industry now-a-days and even was in the past. India being a huge demographically divided country, we are yet to reach every nook and corner of country in terms of financial literacy, so I would like to contribute for the same and grow simultaneously.On the top of all I will also get job satisfaction and job security too.

M2-Why should we hire you?

Sumit- I answered positively.

M3-Tell me something about your home towm

M4-What is the capital of Sweden?

M1-What is the Duration of PPF account ?

Sumit:- All these questions were simple for me except that capital of sweden-i said sorry i dont remember.P-1 Gave me newspaper (H.T) and asked me to read article on obama vsit.I read like they want to see my reading skills.Then he asked 2 question out from that.

M2-.tell me about Kissan Vikas Patra

Sumit :- I answered

M3- When .Kissan Vikas Patra was launched 1st time in india.

Sumit:- I said sorry i dont know the exact dat but it was in 1991.

M4:-.Chairman of national women commission

M2-.When the rate of inflation increases?

M1- What is CTS SYSTEM?

Sumit":- They also ask some other questions i dont remember know,but in nutshell i say it was overall gud experience.I am just doubtful about the questions i didnt answer.I suggest all of you not to worry its just a discussion.Appear interview with comfidence.

Thank you


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IBPS PO - Interview Preparation Book

Dear Readers,

IBT is glad to inform you that IBT R&D team has come up with New book for INTERVIEW PREPARATION specially fointerviewcusing on IBPS-PO. After working hard day and night and qualifying in the Mains examinations, you are just one step away from your dream career and your goal of getting a secure government job. This one step is the deciding factor between getting or losing the opportunity to get into a Public Sector Banks after the struggle of one year. Interview round in IBPS PO is very crucial for the job aspirants as it judges the overall personality of the candidate and reflects his abilities to handle the situations well in future. Outshining an umpteen number of experienced candidates for a bank job can be a daunting task, especially for a first timer. Nonetheless, with knowledge and confidence, you can excel in the interview and acquire a Bank job you want.

We have tried our best to present the book for interview preparation that covers all the aspect of a bank’s interview. Further you are requested to follow our Banking Awareness book also as this Interview preparation book covers general topics for interview, whereas, questions related to banking are also asked.

Kindly click on Attachments to View and Download the Interview preparation Book

Hope our honest efforts to bring forward the best for you help you hit the bull’s eye in this year IBPS Interview.

All the Best to all the students those are appearing for IBPS PO Interview.

Thank You!

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